Royal Wedding Week: Get With the Programme

The royal family has released the official wedding programme (that’s how we say it in Britain) for tomorrow’s ceremony. The 28-page booklet includes the normal wedding program stuff – names of the bridal party, a note of thanks from the happy couple – but also a history of Westminster Abbey, both families’ Coats of Arms, and a new portrait of William and Kate by Mario Testino.

By this time tomorrow, the prince will have a wife, Kate Middleton will be a princess, and I will be completely overwhelmed and dying from sleep deprivation. From the amount of rehearsals everyone has gone through in the past 48 hours, I would say that everything is in place for tomorrow. And, worth noting, does Prince Harry have to stand-in for William for everything? The kid has been at Westminster Abbey more times in the past week then he probably has in his whole life. He has a best man speech to prepare, people!

If you happen to be in London for the big day, official programs will be sold at St. James’s Park (Marlborough Gate, North Horse Ride, Storeyard Triangle and Queen Anne’s Gate, as well as four mobile sales units around the park), Green Park (Green Park Underground Station, as well as two mobile sales units around the park), Hyde Park (Speakers Corner and at the Fun Fair, as well as two mobile sales units around the park), and Trafalgar Square (opposite South Africa House, as well as one mobile sales unit opposite Canada House on Cockspur Street). You can also download an electronic version from the Official Royal Wedding Website.

And so it begins…

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