Royal Wedding Week: Final Rehearsals and a Suspiciously Big Garment Bag

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK

First of all, shout out to the bell hop in the bowler hat. And props (do people still say props?) to the British media for being on this Royal Wedding like a broke hooker on a $20 bill. This is why I need to move to London!

So, there was lots of movement in and around the Goring Hotel, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House today as the final touches are being put in place for Friday’s festivities. From what I’ve read on the Daily Mail today (yes, I hit refresh every 30 seconds and it’s fed into my Google Reader), all of the Middletons left their home in Buckleberry to move into the Goring, a swanky London hotel, where they will spend the rest of their time before the wedding. Bellhops unloaded a buttload (bumload?) of luggage and garment bags into the hotel, including one gigantic white garment bag, which some say may be Kate’s secretive wedding dress. I’m going with Pippa’s maid of honor frock, because even I wouldn’t trust someone else with my dress two days before the wedding.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning over at Buckingham Palace, horseguards, carriage drivers and the like rehearsed their procession, waking as early as 2 a.m. Ok, I’m already exhausted just thinking about this.

Procession route, courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK

And over at Clarence House, William and Harry arrived for final ceremony rehearsals, which I think are being staged at CH as well as Westminster Abbey, which is apparently being turned into an arboretum as we speak. What will be in the royal couple’s vows? According to a picture taken today of Kate leaving her family home on her way to London, something about love, and yada, yada.

And through it all, the Queen wore this hat. Gotta love her.

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