Weddings Are Stressful For Everybody

Photo courtesy of Reuters

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, an attempted bridal suicide was thwarted this week in China when a young woman was saved seconds before she jumped out a window. Though the 22-year-old was wearing a wedding dress, authorities are still unsure if this scene took place on her actual wedding day, however, they can say the bride’s reasoning behind all this was that her boyfriend broke up with her (so if it was actually her wedding day, the dude’s kind of a dick).

According to reports, community officer (I’m not really sure what that is) Guo Zhong Fan grabbed the young woman seconds before she let herself drop from the top floor of the residential building. Fan reportedly pulled her to safety using the voluminous wedding dress. Another man was supposedly helping by steadying the woman at her feet, but it kind of looks like he’s pulling her down, so someone should investigate that.

In related news, should I be concerned that when I first saw this picture I thought to myself “Run! Get out while you can!”

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