More Questionable Advertising, Brought to You by the Boston Sports Club

Remember when the BSC promised me that I was going to workout there and look like Kate Middleton? Well, I still don’t, and while I’m not saying that I look bad or anything, I want to look like Kate Middleton and the BSC hasn’t been as supportive of that as their advertising may have claimed.

Anyway, now we have this new BSC campaign, promising to get politicians in shape for their next photo scandal. Yes. Ok. I see what you’re doing here. Obviously this poster has caught my eye and I’m now re-posting it here for the whole world to see. But Anthony Weiner’s wiener is not something I need to be thinking about while I’m in my yoga class. It’s not a calming influence. And didn’t he take a lot of those pictures in the Congressional gym? Like, do we really want to be promoting that? I know there’s some crazies that work out at the BSC, so let’s not give them any ideas that it’s ok to use their cameraphones in the locker room.

Ok. I just needed to get that out. Carry on.

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