Creepiest Commercial Ever

So, I am all for women’s rights, and the awesomeness of being female, and the fact that we definitely do everything and get no respect for it. I’m down with those sentiments. So when I first saw this commercial, I was like, right on, women are the coolest ever. The first few seconds are super empowering, and you start to think that someone, somewhere, has finally realized that women have had a crazy huge impact on the history of the world and what not.

Oh, and then you realize the commercial is for a feminine hygiene product. Way to take a giant step back there, Summer’s Eve.

Also, there’s an extended cut, just in case you’re interested.

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One response to “Creepiest Commercial Ever

  1. um THANK YOU! I saw this commercial last night and was like What the …! I also protectively covered my lady part in case anyone burst through my door in pursit of it.

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