Katie and Drew’s Wedding Weekend: The Video!

So I’m still recuperating from the weekend extravaganza that was Katie and Drew’s wedding, and if you’ve talked to me in the past few weeks, I probably told you what a fantastic time it was! Well, now I have the video to prove it. So here, for your viewing pleasure, the Poff-Wiechnicki slideshow, with music by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Mat Kearney. Enjoy!


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5 responses to “Katie and Drew’s Wedding Weekend: The Video!

  1. Lynda Wiechnicki

    Loved your movie!!! Lynda

  2. katie


  3. Margo

    When a video is being taken and there is singing happening…. will someone please make me stop singing!!! Ugh. Other than that I LOVE this video.

  4. Patti Poff

    I laugh and I cry and then I watch it again! It was a great video! Patti

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