Margo and Jeremiah’s Wedding Video!

The final installment of the wedding video series is here – Margo and Jeremiah Mullane’s! Held in Springfield, MA on July 28, this wedding was the perfect end to Wedding Season 2010-2012, which included nine weddings in total, and was the busiest 20+ months of my life, but so. much. fun. (Before we begin, I should warn you that there’s some Kelly Carroll singing at the end of this video. I apologize in advance.)

All of my friends and family have chosen amazing people to spend the rest of their lives with, and every wedding has been a celebration of our circles extending to even more friends, even more family. We’ve even welcomed a few babies since Wedding Season 2010-2012 started, and the future could not be more exciting.

So to all of you newlyweds out there, I say Congratulations one last time. Thank you for not eloping. Thank you for some of the greatest parties I’ve ever been too. Thank you for bearing with me as I turn your special days into sildeshow videos. And thank you for bringing some truly wonderful people into my life.

I wonder who will be next?!?


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4 responses to “Margo and Jeremiah’s Wedding Video!

  1. Becca

    This song is the OLYMPICS SONG!!! I love it. Why is Gabby Douglas not in this video? I am confused.

  2. katie

    LOVE!!!!!! Glad I could be there in spirit and via phone 🙂 Just gorgeous!!!!

  3. Margo

    I’m also awkwardly close to the microphone for the singing. Sorry world! But Kelly I love it!!!!! And KTP you are in my wedding video as you should be!

  4. Cate (aka the slightly older, but equally fun version of Margo)

    Kelly – I love the video!! Thanks for putting it together. Hope to see you again soon! Guess we just need them to pop out a pup then…

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