Freestylin’ Finals on Dancing with the Stars!

So last week, Ricki and Rob kind of ran the show. J.R. had an ankle injury that left him wincing in pain through all of this three dances. But fortunately, Hope Solo became the sacrificial lamb. Smell ya later, Hope.

Watching the opening credits I have some thoughts. 1) I forgot Elisabetta Canalis was on this show. 2) Did you guys know that K. Cav is again engaged to Jay Cutler??!! Personally I think that breakup was all for publicity. But maybe that’s just me.

The stars are entering the ballroom. Rob looks nervous. J.R. has his game face on. And Ricki look fab! This show has really done wonders for her! The celebrities first have to take on a dance that they haven’t done yet, which I think is a first for the finals. So this should be interesting!

Finals here we come!!!

Ricki Lake, Cha-cha-cha: Ricki has to bring out the sexy. So says Carrie Ann. I think she just needs to loosen up. Technically she is so brilliant. But you can tell she’s trying so hard to get the steps right. She also does that pouty thing with her face, which I also do when I’m dancing, so I know it’s not the best way to be sexy. The judges think it was fantastic, but it could have been a little more fluid.

Score: 9, 9, 9

Kirstie Alley’s in the audience! With Maks. Because they love each other.

Rob Kardashian, Waltz: I really like Rob in ballroom dances, as opposed to Latin dances, so I think this is going to be good. He has a good strength about him, while also being graceful. And he’s just adorable. The dance wasn’t his best, but it was sweet and simple and pretty. The audience is booing the judges, who are brave to say anything bad about Rob with Khloe in the audience.

Score: 9, 9, 9

Kim K. in the audience. In a tuxedo. Crying. So that’s happening.

J.R. Martinez, Cha-cha-cha: There’s no fracture in J.R.’s ankle, so he’s ok to dance. Woot! Woot! Len is in love with J.R.’s booty. And it’s hilarious to see Len teaching someone to shake their booty. J.R. seemed to start off slow. And he had a solo away from Karina, which seemed strange. The dancing, however, I thought was great. But the dance itself was a little odd. Carrie Ann said his musicality was off. I agree. Len said it fell to pieces. Len is being mean. But can I just say, Karina turns her celebrity dancers inside-out and she better not be effing with J.R.’s mind. I’ll cut you, Karina. I’ll do it!

Score: 8, 7, 9

I love J.R.

Ricki Lake, Freestyle: Derek Hough is the king of the freestyle, and he basically just wants to throw Ricki around. He just told Ricki to shut her face. Which is a weird comeback for a grown man. But I’m going to let it go because now his shirt is off. This dance is a little bit like the Quickstep, a little bit like the Jive, with some ridiculous lifts thrown in. The judges love lifts. I like Ricki’s feathers. The judges are saying it’s a Quickstep and a Salsa. The judges seemed to love it, but didn’t think it was perfect.

Score: 9, 9, 9

Rob Kardashian, Freestyle: Cheryl wants to start slow, but end fast. That must be why she just kicked Rob in the chest. Rob is dressed like he’s a speakeasy owner. Wow, he just lifted Cheryl and spun her and it was cool. Now we’re moving into the fast portion, and it’s fast for Rob, but not really that fast. The highlight of the dance was Rob picking up Cheryl straight over his head and spinning her for like a full 10 seconds. Good for you, Robert!

Score: 10, 10, 10 (I don’t know about this, but it was good)

I think, but I’m not sure, that all the Kardashian women are wearing tuxedos. Bruce Jenner is rocking an 80s blazer and open collar.

J.R. Martinez, Freestyle: Karina wants to do a bunch a lifts, but she panicked in rehearsals which is making me very nervous. I don’t like when Karine panics, because she is such a head case. But it looks like they’re going through with it! J.R.’s dancing is not as fluid as it has been in weeks past, but J.R. killed those lifts. And the Salsa-inspired dance was like watching J.Lo. This dance made me happy, where the other two didn’t. It was hot, it was fun, it was difficult and it was my favorite dance of the night. It made Jeanie smile.

Score: 10, 10, 10

VOTE FOR J.R.!!!!! 1-800-868-3410

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