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All You Can Do Is Laugh At It

Ugh. I don’t even like seeing it on the page. Also, what is “fake” mayo?

There are definitely days in my life where nothing too extraordinary happens, and I tend to fall into a lull of security, thinking that maybe we’ve turned a corner, and a sense of normalcy in my life will reign forever. Then, something happens to remind me that normal will never be in the cards. There will never be a time when things aren’t utterly ridiculous. The crazy will always be following me. Case and point, an email I received yesterday:

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Scenes from the 6 Train

Ok, I can’t lie to you guys any longer. I miss the C Line. I know, I know. But it’s like Stockholm Syndrome, where the relationship was so bad that – now that I’m out of it – I miss the control it had over my life. I miss the 1.5 hours it took to go the 6 miles from work to my apartment. I miss the woman who asked me every day if I could get up so she could sit down. I miss the Angry Engaged Couple and I wonder what they’re doing right now. Do they miss me? Has their relationship ultimately led to their untimely demise? There’s no way of knowing.

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Creepiest Commercial Ever

So, I am all for women’s rights, and the awesomeness of being female, and the fact that we definitely do everything and get no respect for it. I’m down with those sentiments. So when I first saw this commercial, I was like, right on, women are the coolest ever. The first few seconds are super empowering, and you start to think that someone, somewhere, has finally realized that women have had a crazy huge impact on the history of the world and what not.

Oh, and then you realize the commercial is for a feminine hygiene product. Way to take a giant step back there, Summer’s Eve.

Also, there’s an extended cut, just in case you’re interested.

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