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If Bristol Makes it Through Tonight’s DWTS Elimination, Sarah Palin Will Be Our Next President

Photo courtesy of ABC.com

Isn’t America just one big reality competition anyway?

Yes, I’m projecting that, should Bristol Palin’s unfathomable rise through the TV landscape continue after tonight, her mother, Sarah Palin, will be elected president in 2012. And in case you thought I’d just throw that statement out there with nothing to back it up (which I do on occasion), here are my reasons:

1. Conservative/Christian voters: After 8 weeks of dancing (and countless years watching the show), I’m fairly certain that Bristol’s fanbase is everyone in Alaska (minus maybe Levi Johnston) and all registered Republicans. Should she move through to next week and say, Kurt Warner gets the boot, she will probably pick up the Christian sect, which might just make her unstoppable. Sound like any Tina Fey look-alikes we know? On top of that, I’m sure there’s some people out there that vote for Bristol in the hopes that she’ll fall flat on her face, and some fun can be made at her expense. Again, the same could probably be said for her mother.

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If Inception Doesn’t Win the Oscar, I Don’t Know What Will

Photo courtesy of cinssu.ca

I haven’t seen a movie like this in a long time. Mostly because there was a stretch of time I would only see chick flicks and comedies (Date Night, Get Him to the Greek) so I didn’t have to think too hard. But also because I’ve been disillusioned by Hollywood lately, and its inability to make a movie that doesn’t completely suck. But we’ve been on an up-trend recently at the theaters (Salt, The Kids Are Alright) and Inception is, without a doubt, the front-runner.

The film begins ominously, with Leonardo DiCaprio’s body washed ashore on some beach, most likely in Asia. He’s brought to see a very old man (hopefully they’re not in Japan, otherwise he would be missing), and the old man asks if Leo, all sunburnt and bleary-eyed, is there to kill him.

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This Spy Thing is Kind of Ridiculous

The timing is way too fortuitous for Ms. Jolie.

I’m a conspiracy theorist and will pretty much form some kind of crazy plot to just about anything in my mind – like my suspicion that people are drugging my Chipotle burritos or that Michael Jackson actually died during that Pepsi commercial fire fiasco (this one is interesting and involves a sub-theory on Tupac still being alive, I may have to blog about it one day).

So, when I heard this morning that those Russian spies/suburban model-seducers were going to be traded for prisoners of our own that Russia has been holding for years, I couldn’t help but think that something fishy was going on.

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