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Another Reason I Would Be A Terrible Housewife

I received this lovely note from ConEdison in the mail yesterday:


The readings we’ve obtained from your gas meter for the referenced account do not show any usage. This is a matter of concern to us since you may have stopped using our gas or our meter may not be working properly.

If you are not using our gas service and do not intend to use it in the near future, the service should probably be turned off.

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Quote of the Day

Perfectly legitimate question:

“If you go crazy, can I have your Laguna Beach dvd collection?” – Ryan Harold

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No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

No, I’m not just using these lyrics as a headline because they have the word “Brooklyn” in them. I actually haven’t been sleeping. For like a month. Usually because I’m having crazy dreams. I don’t exactly know why this is happening, but I’ve narrowed it down to three possible culprits:

1) My job
2) My new apartment
3) The fact that I’ve been watching approx. five episodes of The West Wing a night and all of the campaigning and legislating and walking has put me at a very high anxiety level.

It’s one of these three things.

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