The Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Seen Today

Sinkhole in Guatemala Walter Pena/AFP/Getty Images

I admit, it’s a little too early to make this call, but the above picture might be the most terrifying thing I’ve seen all YEAR, let alone just today, so I’m gonna go out on that proverbial limb. What. The Hell. Is Going. On.

Apparently, this sinkhole in Guatemala City ate an entire building over the weekend. In one gulp. It’s like me and a Chipotle burrito. Between this, that unpronounceable volcano and the oil spill (alright, that was man’s fault really) it’s getting too scary to go outside!

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One response to “The Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Seen Today

  1. Sam

    When I first saw this on CNN I thought it was photoshopped. I was like “No way there is just blank black space under the Earth like that, that would be nuts.” Then I realized it was real and stared at it with my jaw agape for a full 5 minutes or so trying to comprehend what I was seeing.

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