A Quest to Get Skinny Jeans to Finally Look Good on Me: The Beginning

Kate Moss says nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. She can suck it.

As you can tell from the sidebar on the right, I have a lot of weddings coming up. All family. All big. So in anticipation of these shindigs, I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers to drop some of the poundage I’ve amassed this summer, basically so I can look better than all the brides (oh, sue me, it’s true).

There was a good amount of time during the spring when I lost like 20 lbs., mostly because I lost all interest in food. This is not called weight loss mom, it’s called starvation. Since I’ve started eating again, my choices have been pretty terrible, i.e. Chipotle burritos, potato chips, Coke, quesadillas, movie theater popcorn and ravioli. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I got a J.Lo booty.

Since my weight has fluctuated approx. 50 pounds in both directions my entire life, I can recognize when things are about to spiral out of control. This is one of those times. But I’m taking the bull by the horns and putting an end to it, starting today. I’m evolving! Also, I would be an exemplary contestant on Celebrity Rehab.

Today is my first day back on WW in a while. I’ve used it three other times in my life, with a lot of success. For me, the system is pretty much a reminder of things I already know, like you shouldn’t eat an entire loaf of bread for dinner, and if chubby people are amazed at the amount of food you’re consuming in one meal, you’ve eaten too much. Basically, WW “keeps ya head right.”

I’ve decided to do a weekly blog of my journey, simply because I know putting it out there will hold me more accountable than I would myself. This will equal success. My first goal is to lose 8 lbs. before my cousin Matt’s wedding on Oct. 16. It’s only seven weeks away, but it’s doable (plus, the last two weeks I can always just take a water pill and call it a day; I’m kidding, that’s unacceptable). Every Thursday I’ll let you know what worked, what didn’t, what exercise was worth it, what sucked. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and hopefully it will help me reach my goal. And obviously, if you want to join me, let me know!

Here’s to getting my shit together. I mean, come on; if Rachel Zoe is ever going to style me, I really must be thinner. We all know she’s gonna try to put me in white, and white moments do not work on chubby girls. Lock. It. Up.

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