The First Rule of Fight Club is You Don’t Send the News Station Video of Your Fight Club

This is basically what a 6th grade boys bathroom looks like.

I remember being 12 years old. And thinking that the boys were soooo weird. And I always knew they were doing something strange in the bathroom. But it turns out it’s something very different than what I thought.

According to the Daily News, nine sixth graders from Stewart Middle School in Tacoma, WA were expelled this week after school officials learned about the students’ ongoing bathroom “Fight Club.” Officials learned about the club from the local news station Q13 Fox News after the station obtained video footage shot on one of the student’s camera phones.

The Daily News reports that the video includes two middle-school aged boys involved in a full-on brawl. The boys’ faces are blurred out, but from what I know about Fight Clubs, one of them is definitely the alter ego of the other. The school district issued expulsions to all students involved in the fighting. They then expelled themselves for not knowing that a serious Fight Club-like situation had developed in their own bathrooms.


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2 responses to “The First Rule of Fight Club is You Don’t Send the News Station Video of Your Fight Club

  1. Nicole Johnston (Brosseau)

    Another reason to keep my children in a bumble until they are 32. Ok just for the record T- Town is like miles away from where I live and grew up. Those poor troubled tweens.

    • Aunt Binks

      Tacoma miles away from Sammamish? ….mmmmm……Kells its like from going from HF to Poughkeepsie! 🙂 But definitely like another world compared to Sammamish!

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