Weight Loss Week Two: Personal Triumphs and the Men’s Locker Room

This is what my workouts look like in my head.

One pound down, nine to go. After gorging myself with junk food two weeks ago, I’ve since reformed, and this week managed an impressive weight loss. All while starting my half-marathon training! So far things are looking up.

I went for my first run on Sunday, and was in a panic because the last time I ran any kind of distance I was about 19 and only did it because I trying to watch the Army lacrosse team practice at Shea Field. I was also into spray tanning that summer – so with this half marathon training was coming a lot of teenage indiscretions I’d rather block out, thank you.

I’ve not been to many gyms in the Boston area, but I’d say that if you have to run indoors, the best place to do it is the south side of the Fenway Boston Sports Club. They have huge windows you can people-watch out of – having something to focus on is important to me – and their machine-to-person ratio is high. Very rarely am I without cardio equipment there, and being able to run inside is going to be very important in my running motivation, since the Boston weather is so gosh-darn unpredictable.

I got set up on my treadmill, with TV and music (thank you trainer Brett!), and began a slow walk to get my heart rate up. As my goal for right now is to run for 30 minutes straight consistently, I wasn’t determined to go very fast. This turned out to be a good game plan, because I did 35 minutes without stopping! Ladies and gentlemen, no need to compete. The winner of the ING Philly Half Marathon is Kelly Carroll! Combined with the walking I chose to book end my workout with, I ended up doing a total of 3.16 miles, approximately a 5K. I was so excited, I hopped off the treadmill and skipped right into the men’s locker room, running right into a guy on his way out. It was an awkward few seconds and if I hadn’t already been completely red from my workout, I would have looked like an embarrassed tomato. My bad.

So anyway, my first run was a major success, and I called everyone I know and told them all about it. People stopped answering their phones after a while, but that’s ok. Because I’m pumped. I ran again on Tuesday, another 35 minutes, and will hopefully get another run in this weekend.

On top of all this, I’ve found (not discovered, because they’ve been around for ages) two health habits I’m obsessed with this week: Greek yogurt with granola and fruit, and Bethenny Frankel’s website. Greek yogurt is sweet, but non-fat. It’s also got like a shit load of protein in it, which will keep you full longer. I really like the YoCrunch blueberry. And not to be outdone, Bethenny’s website is full of healthy recipes and exercises, but I think my favorite lesson is how to channel your manic behavior so that you can use it to burn calories. Team Skinnygirl!

Next week: avoiding bridal shower overeating, and striving for nine miles!


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2 responses to “Weight Loss Week Two: Personal Triumphs and the Men’s Locker Room

  1. Cathy Carroll

    Okay, so when Casey has to do a 5k on May 7 with her “Girls on Track” team and needs an adult female to run it with her….. you are coming to NC, right?????

  2. Lisa Rose

    Yay Kells…so proud of you!! Love the Greek yogurt too…chopped almonds and fresh blueberries in vanilla yogurt–yummy!

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