Royal Wedding Week!

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Oh. My. God. It’s finally here – the royal wedding of the century will commence early Friday morning, and the whole world is gearing up for the big day. I can’t tell you how excited I am. Seriously, can NOT tell you.

And because of my obsession, I’m officially declaring it Royal Wedding Week on NoMad Blog, and I will dedicate a post a day to the festivities. While I may not be a royal authority, I’ve pretty much read everything there is to read about Kate Middleton, Prince William, the royal family, Lady Di, British history, British royal history, and weddings, so my knowledge is in fact scholarly.

Today, I give you a video of my first and only visit to London, a place I would go again in a heartbeat. Pay special attention to Westminster Abbey and the road to Buckingham Palace – these will be the most important parts of the wedding day.

And once you’ve tired of this, click on the sites below to get your royal fix:

The Official Royal Wedding Site
People’s Royal Wedding Coverage
The Royal Wedding @ AOL

T minus five days!


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2 responses to “Royal Wedding Week!

  1. Jen

    I’m taking the day off for a “pajamas and tiaras” party with mimosas, tea, scones, clotted cream, homemade jam and other goodies. Cannot wait!

    are you going to live blog the wedding?

  2. jean carroll

    oh kel. We did have a great time. I might be a great travel partner but you are definitely the best travel planner. Coach, get ready…you are on the next plane.

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