Pick a Dress, Any Dress

In keeping with this week’s theme of weddings (royal and not-so-royal…actually, RJ and I have decided to consider ourselves a royal family whether people acknowledge it or not), I’m once again taking it to the public to decide which dress I should wear to the next family wedding (see picture above).

His Royal Highness RJ Turnbull will be married May 28 to Miss Nicole Schulz, of the Bay Shore Schulz family. Since it’s a night wedding, and I’m not really liking my legs this month for some reason, I’ve decided to wear a long dress. Keeping it classy. However, the dress I really want to wear, a green Issa halter, costs about $700. So we can scrap that idea.

The dresses above were worn by one Kelly Carroll for Homecoming 2001, Junior Prom 2001, Winter Formal 2002 and Homecoming 2000, respectively. They’re all BCBG, because I have awesome taste. I’m not really in love with any of them for this wedding, but I’m definitely open to peer pressure (obviously).

Just a few notes: The red sparkly halter is my favorite. But I feel like it’s very Studio 54, and there’s a chance that I could very much look like I’m trying too hard. I also have an unbreakable love for the green one with palm leaves on it, but on the downside, it has palm leaves on it. The nude dress with purple and pink sequins is adorable, but I do have a reading at this wedding, and who wears a nude dress on the altar? Hopefully no one. That leaves us with the one shoulder gray dress, which could be a contender except that it has a purple tinge to it, and Nik’s bridesmaid dresses are purple…and I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m not allowed to wear purple…because I’m not a bridesmaid. Ok, RJ? I am aware of this fact. I promise.

So if anyone has any strong feelings one way or the other about any of these frocks, let me know. I could be saving money and resurrecting dresses of yesteryear. If not, there’s a good chance I could be wearing my mom’s HUSTLE sweater to this shindig.


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5 responses to “Pick a Dress, Any Dress

  1. Denny

    I vote = Junior Prom 2001

  2. jean carroll

    Kel, my vote is for the red one. However, where is the red/black one that Sam has on in the winter formal picture? I love that dress.

  3. R.J.

    I’m voting for the red! Red is royalty no?

  4. Sam

    I say buy the Issa. Gorgeous. You’d look like Kiera Knightley in “Atonement”. You can’t put a price on that. And you can pretend you’re Kate Middleton, too. Definitely worth it.

  5. Brother Jim

    Kel- not sure about the dress but that sure is a cute plaid print on the couch.

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