Royal Wedding Week: The Trees Arrive at Westminster Abbey!

Courtesy of The Official Royal Wedding Website

Just today Clarence House tweeted that floral decoration (including these trees!) has commenced at Westminster Abbey. Not to stray away from this hot topic, but I’m picturing the actual Clarence House tweeting. It’s cheesy, but it’s funny. Anyway…

According to the Official Royal Wedding website, “the floral displays in the Abbey will include eight 20 feet-high trees: six English Field Maple and two Hornbeam. All the trees will be growing in planters, which have also been designed by [Shane] Connolly and which were made by craftsmen at Highgrove, The Prince of Wales’s Residence in Gloucestershire.”

This is interesting. I’ve never pictured actual trees inside a church. But I trust Kate’s taste, so I’m going with it. As far as we know, these are the first preparations to be seen going on inside the Abbey. It’s all happening now!!!

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