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Marathon Monday 2011

Group shot: Ray, Mary Ann and Me

So as you all know I spent last year’s marathon going to work and taking a 2.5 hour lunch break and then leaving early to drink with people who actually ran the race and would be collapsing shortly. I also had one of the greatest encounters of my life with a drunk college student in a hot pink feather boa, who was practically sobbing whilst eating a slice of pizza outside of Pino’s. What could possibly top this???? I’ll give you some hints: Loin cloths, the Freedom Trail and something that looked eerily similar to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

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The Boston Sports Club Wants to Help Me Look Like Kate Middleton

Remember when the city of Boston tried to get me in shape by posting those intimidating Jennifer Aniston billboards everywhere? You know, the ones I always saw on my way to lunch? Well it seems the BSC has gotten in on the act, reminding me everyday that I too can be royalty if I just run that extra 10 minutes or do those 10 extra squats. At least, that’s what I’m taking from this poster.

Kate Middleton showed up in England looking positively perfect yesterday, rain and all, and it depressed me because when it rains here in Boston I usually look like this. So since I was already feeling bad about myself for not marrying a prince and not being able to pull off a navy blue skirt suit ensemble, my gym’s attempts to turn me into a princess were well received. Except that we’re not British, and the Boston Sports Club has absolutely nothing to do with the impending royal wedding whatsoever. In that case, this marketing campaign is just weird.

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Weight Loss Week Two: Personal Triumphs and the Men’s Locker Room

This is what my workouts look like in my head.

One pound down, nine to go. After gorging myself with junk food two weeks ago, I’ve since reformed, and this week managed an impressive weight loss. All while starting my half-marathon training! So far things are looking up.

I went for my first run on Sunday, and was in a panic because the last time I ran any kind of distance I was about 19 and only did it because I trying to watch the Army lacrosse team practice at Shea Field. I was also into spray tanning that summer – so with this half marathon training was coming a lot of teenage indiscretions I’d rather block out, thank you.

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