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When Thanksgiving Goes Terribly Wrong

I hope everyone had a fantastic, stupendous, momentous Thanksgiving.

This was the first Turnbull Thanksgiving without Nana (bless her heart, thankyoujeeeeesus) in the kitchen. And the best way I can put it is that shit went awry. For your amusement, I’ve included a list below of all crazy from my family’s Thanksgiving festivities. Five of these things did not happen. If you can name all five, you win a prize of some sort.

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Another Reason Why Rob Delaney is my Hero

Photo courtesy of nymag.com

You didn’t think we’d just let this Kardashian divorce go by without saying something, did you? Yeah, you’re right. We probably would have. Because I’m just fed up with society in general, and taking the time out of my busy day to rant about KDash leaving the Hump would also lead to a rant about Occupy Wall Street, and then a rant about the GOP debates, and guys I just can’t rant about everything, all the time. I wake up at 5:30am. I’m exhausted.

Anyway, anything I wanted to say on the topic was eloquently tied up in a nice little bow yesterday when my mentor/man I’ve never met Rob Delaney decided to sue Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, E! (exclamation point included to avoid any legal holes) and Comcast for this mockery of marriage vows. And I applaud him. As quoted by The Village Voice this morning:

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I’m Fairly Certain My Parents are Trying to Sabotage My Living with Them

Just realized there's a hidden message to the right of my arm.

It’s been a whole three weeks (three weeks you guys!) since I moved back in with my parents, and the shenanigans these two are pulling can only lead me to believe that the sooner they get me out of the house the happier they’ll be to go back to their previous life of solitude and Wheel of Fortune.

As only parents can, Jeanie and Den have taken to passive aggressively making it clear that my being home has thrown a wrench into their routine (Note: walking on the treadmill for 60 minutes a day and taking a shower should not constitute as a routine), so I’ve taken it upon myself to list all their antics here. You see this? I’m on to you both.

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