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Live Blogging: The Presidential Debate!

Alright, guys. We’re going to try a little experiment tonight. Live blogging the presidential debate. This is definitely going to be a challenge, 1) because I might not understand what’s going on. It’s not like I’m live blogging DWTS. 2) I cringe every time Mitt Romney speaks. 3) Sometimes I feel like Barack Obama needs to be smacked in the face.

So Jim Lehrer is out, giving us all the rules. Tonight we’re talking about the economy, health care, and the role of government. The audience has to be silent, which is pretty much the worst kind of debate audience. Also, I feel like I’m watching the live episode of West Wing.

The candidates just shook hands, and I’m pretty sure the President just said “I’m gonna eff you up,” and Romney just laughed awkwardly. Ugh, this is already horrible.

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An Anonymous Person’s Very Specific Account of Super Tuesday

In every effort to bring you hard-hitting, groundbreaking political news, we once again had our roving reporter on the ground this primary season. Super-Tuesdaying it all over the southern states, she left no stone unturned, she asked the tough questions, and she ate a lot of BBQ.

There is no question that when the Republican Party finally decides who their candidate will be, you’ll tell all your friends you read about it right here. And by “right here” we mean “somewhere else.” And here we go again…

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I am Not a Slut

Editor’s Note: I didn’t want to get into this. I try to keep the blog light and funny and only somewhat demented at times. But I’ve become pretty much infuriated by this entire issue. So here I am.

Two weeks ago, a woman named Sandra Fluke testified on Capitol Hill to the need for women’s contraception to be covered by health insurance. After being snubbed on the first attempt to speak at a hearing (a hearing that, after she was denied the chance to speak, only included testimony from men), Fluke came back and told her tale to members of Congress. And then Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. And you all know the fallout from that.

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